Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm not a ghost!

I promise! I've just been busy graduating, moving, and so much other grit. Ideally, I was going to post this fantastic article on the momentous finale of Wakarusa. However, I have gone down the infinite rabbit hole of Neurotheology in preparation of a lecture/discussion i'll be giving titled, The Neuroscience of Religious, Spiritual, and Psychedelic Experiences at Sonic Bloom in Georgetown, Colorado in less than two weeks. (!) I do want to go ahead and link everyone to the PDFS my remarkable partner pirated, downloaded for a good cause. :)
Also, I want to link a few of the websites i've found for helpful podcasts and other helpful material and sources. Dr. Todd Murphy's information, podcasts, and links to biomed journals has proven to be of great use.
I just signed up with dropbox.. So, i'm going to use it to share the books, music, podcasts, essays, and whatever else format of information I find specific to the rabbit hole i'm in. Andrew Newberg's Principles of Neurotheolgy and John Horgan's Rational Mysticism are the two on the top of my list right now.
As for music that you should actually pay for, check out this compilation cd for Sasha Shulgin that my friend Michael Garfield put together to benefit the Shulgin's in Sasha's battle with his health. Featured on the album is Stardust Output's song Therevada!

Okay, i'll write more later. I can't stare at this screen any longer. Look forward to essays and lectures from me, and enjoy the material I posted. I will post specific pdfs and information upon request too. (or email them) or whatever.

PS- I moved to Colorado and i'm avidly searching for an intentional community to direct my energy into. Any regional burners, temporary autonomous zone enthusiasts, permaculture gurus, or conscious folk should collide with me. I'm ready to make sparks.


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